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Level 2 Chargers Installed in 5 Days or Less!

If you have purchased an EV, or plan to purchase an EV, you need fast charging NOW. EVX has the capability and know-how to get your charger installed quickly, professionally, and correctly the first time – all at a very competitive price.

EV owners like you want to have the convenience and security of charging their vehicle at home. Arizona is one of the fastest growing EV markets, and we’re here to meet the charging needs of vehicle owners.

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EVX Solar LevelUp Rebate.

When you go solar with EVX Solar you can get a Level 2 Charger, installed at no cost through our rebate program. You’ll begin to save immediately on your electricity bills and you’ll save time, money and gain peace of mind driving your EV.

EV Technology Is Here.

You may not have one yet but EVs are coming. Let us help you plan your solar for this inevitability. We can tell you what to expect with your EV purchase and we can help you size your system based on your driving habits and model of car. We can even install a hardwired high output Level 2 charger in your garage or home as part of your solar system. Make this investment now so you are ready for the future.

Watch To See The Cost Of Charging Your EV With Solar vs Charging Station vs Utility

Incentives Drive Home Savings.

Tax credits are based on the battery size and go up to $7,500 for customers who purchase an Electric Vehicle, but they won’t last forever. The expiration date is separate for each manufacturer and only comes after an automaker sells 200,000 qualified vehicles. Tesla hit the milestone first in July 2018. As a result, there are no federal tax credits for Tesla now. More and more manufacturers are introducing EVs, so there is no limit of choices on the market!

Enroll In Our EV Dealer Program.

EVX Solar is working with Arizona automobile dealers to promote sustainable energy use through the adoption of EVs and charging at home with a solar energy system. If you own or manage a dealership, please check with us to determine if you are eligible for our program. Fill out the form HERE.