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Solar Solutions

We offer solar solutions for situations other than rooftop solar panels. Whether you are looking for solar lighting for your project or need clean, renewable solar energy, but don’t have a rooftop that is suitable, call on us. See below for some of our other solar services.

Solar Time Tracker 

Our team will help identify the best location for your solar installation. We think beyond the roof. Solar panels can be installed over carports, vacant land, backyard koi ponds—if you can dream it, we’ll help make it possible. This Solar Time Tracker maximizes the output of solar panels and increases production over a ground mount by 40%. It smoothly positions solar panels throughout the day to accurately capture the maximum exposure of the sun. This system provides time base movements throughout the day returning to the home position at the end of the day. The more power you generate, the more you save.

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Vertical Solar Solutions

With over a decade of experience in the solar space, you can trust us with your renewable lighting project. Our patented (US Patent # 9,564,852 B2) technology supports off-grid lighting in a singularly elegant design, blending bifacial solar panel technology, Li-ion battery storage and a high-performance LED light engine into a form worthy of display in the most distinctive of communities.

Vertical Solar Solutions